DataComm Electronics
Installation Information

You can create the sleek look of an expensive, custom flat panel TV installation in a few simple steps.  The recessed cable plate with power mounts flush to your wall behind a wall mounted flat panel TV.  If there is not an existing electrical receptacle at the location you chose to install your flat panel TV, have an licensed electrician run a source of power to this location.  Once you have established a power source, ensure that the breaker to your power source is turned to the off position.  Remove the receptacle installed by the electrician and replace it with the recessed cable plate with power.  Determine the location of your amplifier or audio/video device and install the recessed low voltage cable plate (see instruction sheet).  Pull your HDMI, VGA and other A/V cables through the low voltage recessed side of each wall plate.  It’s that easy - your installation is now complete.