DataComm Electronics

Installation Information
You can create the sleek look of an expensive, custom flat panel TV installation in a few simple steps.  The Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit comes with a pair of recessed cable plates and a pair of mounting brackets (see instruction sheet).  A typical installation has one cable plate installed behind a wall mounted flat panel TV and the other cable plate installed behind your entertainment center, equipment rack or home theater components.  Now you can connect your flat panel TV and home theater HDMI and A/V cables in the wall and out of sight.  It’s that easy.

This kit is designed for installations requiring 4 or more cables or wires.  For installations requiring only a few cables or wires, use the small size plates available in the Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit (Small).  These plates are great for organizing cables for flat panel TV’s, computers, flat screen monitors or other audio/video related products.

Important:  These Cable Organizer Plates are designed for use with low voltage/data cables only.  These plates are not rated for use with AC (power) line voltage.

Safety Notice: It is against National Electrical Code to run a power or extension cord behind walls, ceilings or floors. Follow included instructions for a safe and code compliant installation.