DataComm Electronics
The Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit with Duplex Power Solution comes with everything needed for installation:

  • Recessed Low Voltage Mid-Size Plate
  • Recessed Low Voltage Cable Plate with Straight Blade Inlet
  • Two (2) Electrical Outlet Boxes
  • Four Screws per Outlet Box
  • Three (3) Wire Nuts
  • 6 Ft. 16/2 with Ground Cord Set with 360˚ Rotating Flat Heat
  • 8 Ft. Electrical Wire-Romex

          Duplex Power Receptacle: 
  • 15 Amp/125 Volt Duplex Receptacle (50-6623-WH-KIT)
  • 15 Amp/125 Volt Duplex Surge Receptacle (50-8823-WH-KIT)

Note: You will need a sheetrock saw and screwdriver to complete installation. 50-6623-WH-KIT shown above.
Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit 
with Duplex Power Solution (50-6623-WH-KIT)
OR with Duplex Surge Power Solution (50-8823-WH-KIT)