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Not sure which stage your home is in?
Home in Rough-In Stage
Typically a room in the "rough-in" stage is either new construction or an unfinished room (a basement, for example). 

Rooms in the rough-in stage have basic electrical lines laid out (note the installed blue junction boxes in the photo above) but the final connections have not been made yet.

The electrical cables have been pulled, but most of the time wall plates (light switches, power outlets, etc) have not been installed yet.

Any of the Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kits can be used in this stage.

The Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Remodeling Kit should only be used if your home is in the rough-in stage. 

Finished Room

Finished rooms have sheetrock/drywall already installed.

Electrical terminations have already been made. Power Oulets are installed, connected, and ready for use.

The installation video for the Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Remodeling Kit also gives a detailed explanation on rooms in the rough-in and finished stages. Click here to view.

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Home in Finished Stage